Slope & Embankment Mowing

Slopes, banks & embankments have proven difficult areas to maintain for many years, The HSE has also identified Bank & Slope Mowing as a high risk activity that should be well planned and executed. We are able to offer a customised and SAFE alternative to traditional brushcutting.

Our Trained operatives along with their Remote Controlled Slope / Bank mowers are able to tackle any troublesome embankment with ease, keeping the operator at a safe distance from the bank by keeping them at the top or bottom of the slope whilst the remote controlled machine does the dangerous part!

We have a range of bank mowing machines availible to us, from tracked flail to 4 wheel drive machines capable of 360 degree operation on banks of upto 55 degree up-slope.


As with all of our services we serve a wide range of clients from Local Authories, Main Contractors as well as smaller contractors with danegrous banks on their sites!

Contact us today to discuss your bank mowing issues and get your operative off of that slippery slope!