Target Zero

Barge Landscape Management is proud of its Target Zero initiative and even more proud that unlike many other companies it is not a gimmick or sales aid, but a state of mind that has evolved directly from the views and suggestions of its employees as a way to further challenge its already stringent BSI 18001 Health and Safety Management system.
It is no secret that the Grounds Maintenance sector is a high risk sector due to the vast range of works carried out and machinery used. However we the Barge Landscape Management family are very cautious when others claim to have achieved full Zero Harm, as it feels that this over confident attitude has only been achieved by choosing what they deem and recognise as harm, risk or injury and can easily lead to the creation of dangerous situations as repetitive confidence can lead to lapse in concentration or break downs in management structures.
We at Barge Landscape Management instead choose to actively not hide away from ' the real world' and instead have the opinion that all the time we have employees there will always be risk and  at some point regrettably incidents or accidents will happen. However our systems ensure that we aim for full reduction of accident & incidents and that in the event of an incident or accident we learn from it, that we communicate what we have learnt, further improve any system and Tomorrow Target Zero all over again.
How do we operate Target Zero:
Target Zero is not just a brand to follow in the steps our competitors it is instead an employee suggested initiative to not only make their working environment safer but to give them the ability and confidence to raise questions and issues about Health and Safety without fear of back lash or reprisal from management for fellow colleges.  A few ways in which this is achieved is stated below.
Operatives can raise any questions or issues in either of the following ways:
Ø  Through their voted in staff health and Safety representative.
Ø  To any line manger they feel most comfortable with 24hrs / 7days a week.
Ø  Through their on line anonymous issues comments form.
The management have made the following promises which they will keep to further encourage the use of this initiative.
Ø  All activities will be pre assessed to utilise the Risk Hierarchy to remove or reduce risk to the lowest point possible.
Ø  That any breach of Health and Safety protocol that has occurred or any issues or near miss raised will be investigated with evidence collated to formulate a plan for the future to prevent a future recurrence
Ø  That every issued raised will be looked in to and not dismissed with the person who raised the complaint being fully informed of any outcome as well as the outcome being communicated to all staff members via safety bulletin.
Ø  To carry out regular random site safety inspections on all staff and where ever possible any findings will be used towards further training rather than being solely directed at possible disciplinary procedures.
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